Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts, Government of Manipur
Pensioners Corner

ONLINE PENSION PAYMENT SYSTEM is an online software that will facilitate management of pensioners and processing of monthly pension at all the Treasury Offices under Government of Manipur. Now this online system will integrate all the treasury offices including the Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts. Only authorized Government officials will use this portal.

For any queries, please contact us on the below address:
email: support-pension[at]manipur[dot]gov[dot]in

Photo Integration

Incorporating pensioner's photographs for identification and verification purposes, ensuring secure transactions.

Bill Preparation

Automating the bill preparation process based on pensioner data, streamlining and expediting disbursements.


Seamless integration with eKuber of RBI for direct deposit, enhancing efficiency and reliability of pension payments.

Reporting Tool

Advanced reporting capabilities to track payment trends, monitor disbursements, and generate comprehensive reports for analysis and compliance purposes.

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Treasury Total Pensioners First Advice Generated On
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